Life in Qatar

Qatalum will have a diversified workforce representing 15–20 nationalities. The working environment will be challenging and rewarding for all employees, providing their families with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new cultures.

Qatalum requires employees with a broad experience of management, technical and operational positions. 
Qatar is regarded as family friendly offering everyone a wide range of recreational activities. In Mesaieed, where the Qatalum employees and their families will live, the company will provide club facilities that include a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, social amenities and restaurant, etc.
Mesaieed is situated approximately 30 minute driv​​​e from the capital of Doha and a short distance away from the beach. Doha is a modern capital with all facilities, including shopping opportunities, cinemas, numerous local and international restaurants, sporting facilities, museums, shows and events.
Many other sights and attractions can also be explored in other parts of the country.​​


The houses provided for employees by Qatalum will be based in Mesaieed, The houses form part of a large new building project in the town that comprises of more than 2,500 units.
The houses will be neat and comfortable and of a modern standard. There are a variety of housing types: multi-story apartments, townhouses, semi-detached and freestanding homes.

Health care

Most medical care, including consultations, medicines, equipment, prescriptions, surgical procedures and hospitalization, is provided free to employees and their families at company designated hospitals and clinics.​


Employees who join Qatalum will have some excellent schools to choose from for their children. The international school in Mesaieed can accommodate up to 1,500 students and opened in summer 2008.
Neither does Qatar lack higher educational opportunities. It is even possible to study at some of the most distinguished educational institutions in the world. The Qatar Foundation's Education City, opened near Doha in 2003, hosts the campuses of several prestigious US-based institutions of higher learning. 

Transport and Communications

A modern road system links Qatar to surrounding countries. Metered taxis and limousines are easy to find and a new transport system, including bus service, has been introduced. 

A good telecommunication system is in place. Qatar is well served by the new Hamad International airport. Neighbouring countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman are just a short flight away from Qatar.