Summer Internship 2017

Qatarization & Development concluded another successful round of Summer Internship program on the 10th August, 2017 at the Qatalum Training Center.

Three presentation were presented to Q&D team and project leaders in addition Q&D Manager handed completion certificates to Qatar University students.

Qatalum's 2017 Summer Internship is aligned with the continued effort of Qatalum to create a workplace of competent Nationals. The programme was planned by the Qatalum Qatarization & Development team.

Prior to the beginning of the six weeks internship, a merit based recruitment process was conducted, with those chosen to undergo medicals, contract signing and inductions. 14 Students selected were from Qatar University's engineering programs such as Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical.  The 2017 Summer Internship marks the sixth successful internship since 2012.

Students were positioned into different departments during the internship period to undertake projects that aid Qatalum in identifying bottlenecks and providing practical solutions to optimise Qatalum processes.

Qatarization and Development Manager AbdulHalim Al-Bader stated that "Joining Qatalum as an intern gives student an opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment and to gain real experience".

Head of Qatarization and Development demonstrated that "internship program provides students with the chance to work under professional experienced mentors and coaches which will help to prepare them for their future job".

Qatarization and development Supervisor at Qatalum, Magdi Hamed mentioned that internship programme gives the students the opportunity to attend professional meetings and events. They also had the opportunity to learn and interact with professionals in their field and gain new connections.

Training and development supervisor at Qatalum, Tanveer Ahmed was supervising the whole process and coordinated most of the activities he said "summer internship is key to build experience for the students because employers are much likely to hire someone with internship and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume. He also added that students undergone safety induction which equipped them with the right knowledge about safety in workplace.

Training and development supervisor at Qatalum Mamertus, feels the students have demonstrated great potential working in industry considering the duration (6 weeks) with Qatalum and the high level of complex projects they've undertaken. The students aligned themselves without improvements tools such as A3, fish bone, 5 x Why, Pareto, etc. to analyse problems they were given and arrived at various saving and safety improvements. … We're proud to have the student work with and we wish them success in their future endeavours.

The summer internship projects in Qatalum for the program were:

1. CBM Exposure

2. Analyse the corrosion of structures, Pipes, valves etc in Carbon.

3. Develop Grain/Sand Curve Project - sampling in paste plant

4. Engineering Solution to the Safety of Potline Bus bar Power System

5. MTV Discharge Pipe Cleaning Machine

6. SO2 emmission in FTP

7. "Discoloration of billets-Suggestions for improvements   

8.  Analysing Sodium level and its contributors        

9. Sratch free surface extrusion ingots

Finally, Qatarization and Development would like to thank all departments that supported and helped Q&D to make another successful summer internship program.